"Thank you for sharing your wonderful book with the Rick Steves' family. We truly appreciate it. We will put this in our Rick Steves' library in the Travel Center, so others can use this as a resource."

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"Expert advice"

By Barbara Livieratos


"Wow! Since I’ve traveled extensively, I’ve considered myself an experienced and savvy senior traveler. Compared to Rachel Imper I am a rank amateur.  I feel certain that not only my next trip, but also all my future travels will benefit from what I learned in her engaging and informative book. Because of her expert advice on preliminary research, practical preparations, and knowledgeable selection of accommodations, I’m already thanking Rachel for adding to my travel planning repertoire.


Sure, I’ve used the internet to make travel arrangements, but she shares websites and even search engines that are totally new to me. Now if I ever have to calculate the time and cost of going from Rome to Rio (or between any other locations), thanks to Rachel I know where to get that information. Upon finishing her book, I was eager to try her suggestions and tips, but mostly I was wishing that I could travel with her.

In this new book’s six chapters, Rachel Imper discusses what one needs to do before and during a trip to make the most of and enrich travel experiences. She provides relevant websites and helpful checklists in each chapter.


For example, want to know about car rental? Rachel gives all the ins, outs, and alternatives. Have you ever thought about carbon offset programs or volunteer vacations? Rachel tells you all about them and other travel topics in a crisp and amiable style that offers you the right amount of detail without being overwhelming. Her tone is not that of an expert instructing a neophyte, rather she talks to us as a trusted friend willing to share her own hard-won and proven travel secrets. Rachel addresses such concerns of the senior traveler as mobility issues and medication refills, but most of her travel prescriptions are generic recommendations for any age group."  


Barbara Livieratos is a retired educator, administrator, and former tour guide, who has traveled extensively and volunteered in multiple locations, including Haiti, Tanzania, and Kenya. She holds a bachelor's degree from Castleton College in Vermont and a master's from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

"Inspires you to go traveling — sooner,

rather than later."

By SunHope

"From its fun and cheery cover to the extensive advice contained throughout, “The Active Seniors Guide to Budget World Travel” inspires you to go traveling — sooner, rather than later. Written in a breezy conversational style, the tips in the book are easy to understand and follow. Rachel’s stories of some of her experiences lend credibility and a human touch to allay fears and inspire confident travel. Even complex topics like carbon offsets are simplified, which makes considering sustainable travel more inviting. Finally, with sections on medical care and traveling with disabilities, this book offers hope that us aging Baby Boomers can continue our journeys for many years to come."

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