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October 14, 2019

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Finding health insurance for a lengthy European stay

August 31, 2018

Prices are on the rise for almost everything these days, but finding travel or travel medical insurance (health coverage only) for seniors can almost break the bank! Some Medicare plans will reimburse you for emergency medical costs overseas for the first 60 days out of the country, but even in that case, Medicare is unlikely to cover evacuation costs. That's why my husband and I now get travel insurance when we go outside of the U.S.


For trips of two months or less, we've been impressed with the coverage offered by Berkshire Hathaway, which we found through www.Squaremouth.com. (Full disclosure: We've never had to make a claim, so I can't testify to how efficient that process is.) However, lately, I've been dreaming of a long-stay in France, one of the few Schengen countries that offer visas for a year. (Residents of many countries can stay in all of the Schengen area for a total of 90 days without a special visa, but if you want to stay longer, you must either apply for a visa or do the "Schengen shuffle," described in a post below.)


One of the key requirements for a year-long visa in France is that you not only have enough funds to support yourself, but that you also have medical insurance that meets specific Schengen rules. Most companies that offer that insurance have prohibitively high rates for seniors. But recently, I discovered CCM Assurance, a New Zealand-based company, that offers affordable Schengen coverage. I intend to look into this insurance, should my dream become an actual plan, because it covers folks up to age 76. If anyone reading this blog has experience with this Schengen insurance, please reply and give me your opinion.


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